Thursday, January 12, 2012


Eli has cavities.  Of course he does--he doesn't like us to help him brush his teeth and he loves candy.  Boo.  Anyway, tomorrow he has to get them filled so I decided to do some projects with him about teeth.  I got on pinterest (love that site) and found two great ideas.  I wish I had found this idea when I did the All About Me/Bodies week with our co-op last year.  It was so easy and effective.  I just got a large lego and some play dough and yarn.  We talked about how to get food out of our teeth and what happens if we don't.  Then Eli practiced "flossing."  We also made a diagram of what the inside of our teeth look like and what happens when sugar bugs attack our teeth.  Then we just talked about what the dentist will do tomorrow and how Eli's teeth will be all new and clean after they are done.

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Jess and Jen said...

So cute...the legos and floss idea is great!